Where do I get PlaneEnglish?

 Is PlaneEnglish available on iOS?

Yes.PlaneEnglish is available on both Android and IOS

What specs should my mobile device have for best performance?
How do I use PlaneEnglish?
It’s my first time using PlaneEnglish, where should I start?
What lessons does PlaneEnglish cover?
 What airports does PlaneEnglish include?
What if my favorite airport is not in PlaneEnglish?
 What is the privacy policy of PlaneEnglish?
 Can I access PlaneEnglish on the web?
Can I add additional scenarios to PlaneEnglish?
Can PlaneEnglish be customized?
 I’m a CFI, can my students use my PlaneEnglish account?
I’m a high school aviation instructor, how can I add PlaneEnglish to my curriculum?
 I’m an aviation instructor, can I track the progress and performance of my students?
 How much does PlaneEnglish cost?
 Can I purchase user licenses to get access to PlaneEnglish?
 Licensing agreements are available for institutions that want to purchase access to PlaneEnglish for more than two students. Email us to find out more and to discuss your needs.
 I cannot get the PlaneEnglish app to open, what do I do?
  I’m in the app and it crashed, what do I do?
 I downloaded the app, but don’t see any content, what is wrong?