VFR 12 Months
VFR 12 Months

VFR 12 Months

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This is a twelve (12) month access to the VFR comms training content and airport database of the PlaneEnglish Aviation Radio Simulator, ARSim.

Access includes BASICS mode, VFR mode, and airport database of over 200 airports.

In BASICS mode, users can learn and practice the foundations of aviation radio communication, from the pronunciation of numbers, the phonetic alphabet, and the phraseology for making requests and reading back clearances and instructions. In this mode, there are 88 lessons organized into eight modules that gradually expose pilots to aviation phraseology and radio procedures.

In VFR mode, users can learn and practice most of the aviation communication phraseology and procedures that they may encounter during a VFR flight. In this mode, there are 52 lessons grouped into seven modules that cover all phases of flight: taxi out, takeoff, flight plan, flight following, airspace entrance, approach, and taxi in.

Once you complete the purchase you will receive an email with the access key and instructions for activating it on your device. The timer on your access will begin only when you activate your access.

When the access has expired, you can simply purchase another access key to continue your training.

If you are interested in or need the more in-depth description of aviation radiotelephony, head over to our website or store and take a look at our comms manual, The Easy Route to Aviation Radio Proficiency. The manual covers radio communications you are likely to encounter under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) conditions. It is designed to teach you aviation phraseology and enable you to practice what you learn by calling out practice lessons in ARSim for every concept.